Director Paris Barclay Honored by the Harvard Hasty Pudding Club

The Harvard Hasty Pudding Club are awarding the director Paris Barclay with the 2017 order of the Golden Sphinx award. The Harvard Hasty Pudding Club is a society that has been around since 1770. They are a social club, performers of theatrical productions, and hosts of dinner parties. Originally they held meetings and served a traditional hasty pudding dish, which is where they created their name. Five United States presidents were members of the Hasty Pudding Club. JFK, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt, John Adams, and John Quincy Adams were the five presidents who were members of the notable Harvard club.

The award of the Golden Sphinx is part of the traditional symbol of the Hasty Pudding Club. It is the highest honor award that the Hasty Pudding Club can give. It is an award for those who have contributed great achievements in the entertainment industry. Prior Golden Sphinx award winners include the likes of Sony CEO Michael Lynton, film producer (for Gravity and Harry Potter) David Heyman, music producer Clive Davis, and Tony award winner Broadway producer Daryl Roth.

In a statement about the 2017 award winner of the Golden Sphinx, the head of the prestigious Harvard club commented on their reasoning behind choosing director Paris Barclay. Andrew Farkas stated they were pleased with being able to select someone who was once a Harvard student and a member of their club. He added that the director Paris Barclay truly captures the goal of the Hasty Pudding members. He strove to live a fully creative life and has become a highly respected director.

Director Paris Barclay is a director of a variety of highly acclaimed television shows. He has directed episodes of NYPD Blue, ER, Glee, West Wing, Lost, House, Sons of Anarchy, Manhattan, Scandal, Empire, Smash, CSI, and NCIS: Los Angeles. He has directed many other television episodes as well.

The director wrote twelve musicals and play scripts while he was a member of the Hasty Pudding Club. He was additionally a music director and member of the Harvard a cappella singing group. He graduated from Harvard in 1979.

Paris Barclay’s reaction to his Order of the Golden Sphinx award (Grand Sphinx Farkas to Honor Barclay at Gala) was a mixture of thrilled and deeply felt honor. He is amazed to be the first Hasty Pudding member to receive the recognition of the Golden Sphinx. In true showmanship form, he is planning a special and ostentatious speech when he receives the award.