Famous art exhibits to see in Miami Design District

Famous artwork and art history exhibits never fail to amaze many travelers around the world. Traveling around the world to view antique art has become more common. Different cities have different works of art to showcase. Miami Design District is one example of a place created by artist Craig Robins for travels to view and experience all kinds of different forms of art. There is a variety of different exhibits, performances, and artists.

The Bossa art gallery seen in Miami features some of the photos and sculptures from Brazil. There is an active comparison between american art and Brazilian art to point out the differences in culture. The goal of this exhibit is to promote some of the best photography from Brazil. There are a bunch of guest curators that showcase lectures and talks. They engage with fans of art to explain more about the history and creator of different works. You can learn a lot about an artist’s career by review one of his or her works.

GALLERIA CA’ D’ORO was created in 1970 by Antonio Porcella. Antonio’s father was a very famous art critic in Rome. His father wrote L’Osservatore Romano, a famous newspaper in Rome. Antonio continues to be heavily involved in the world of art. He decided to move the gallery to Miami in 2010 to bring Italian art to the United States. Now all kinds of facing works of art originating from Rome can be seen here.

The Locust projects were created in 2013. It is a not-for-profit empty room used for all kinds of experiments. Visual artists work best here to create new ideas. Opportunities are endless when there is no limitation of space. There are plenty of opportunities to meet with some of the visual artists working in this room.

Maman fine art is an exhibit that promotes all of the modern works of art from current designers. This area in Miami is used to showcase new talents.

Mora studio has been grown by Latin American Enrique Mora. In this exhibit he works on defining what the difference between beauty and art is. He has been a fan of art since he was a kid. Mora never wanted a nine-to-five job. Instead he wanted to showcase his art talent. He used many different colors and shapes to depict the female form. Mora’s work often focuses on the man different roles of a women such as mother, caretaker, wife, friend, fighter and lover.

The Kardashian family spends a lot of time in Miami, Florida. They can often be seen near the urban boutique trying on dresses.

Star Island has a load of private mansions with beach access. Loads of celebrities can be seen here like Shaquille O’Neal and Sean Combs.

Shore club hotel is a great place to relax. Members may run into Ryan Seacrest.