Famous Buildings In NYC That Made The Movies

Many movies use NYC and Anthony Malkin’s Green Empire http://harvardmagazine.com/2012/03/a-green-empire as their backdrop, and why not? There are plenty of large buildings and numerous areas where there is ample opportunity for great shots. Most people love Spider Man, and he needs a great building to climb. While these movies were filmed in both Los Angeles and NYC, the Oscorp building was used for some shots. They also used the National Museum of the Native American for many shots. Yes, Spiderman made his mark on many NYC locations.

The Macy’s building on 34th street was probably in one of the most recognized buildings in a big name movie. The Miracle on 34th Street placed Santa at the famous Macy’s store, which is still in business today. Santa was tried for his crimes at the courthouse on 60th street, as was Barzini in the American classic, The Godfather.

Barefoot in the Park as a wonderful movie that launched the careers of Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. However, this movie also helped bring publicity, news and analysis to Central Park and other areas around NYC. The Plaza Hotel, located on 59th street, was the spot of their honeymoon, at a mere $30 a night. Oh, how times have changed. The Plaza is still there, but the rates are just a bit higher.

On West 125th street, in the theater district, the Apollo Theater has been home to many famous movies. Malcolm X was one of the movies that utilized this building, as well as Columbia University. Those some scenes were filmed in Saudi Arabia, most were filmed in NYC. It was the perfect location for a movie about freedom and the power to make changes; it’s what New York has always been about.

NYC is full of history, adventure and so much more. It is the perfect place to go on vacation. It has a little bit of mysticism and intrigue and a whole lot of places to explore. Why not make it the next vacation destination?

Image from: http://lifeafterpeople.wikia.com