House Flipping TV Shows – How’d They Get Started?

If you’ve noticed there is an excess of house flipping shows popping up on television, you’re not alone! They follow the latest trend of investing in older properties and making them new and interesting again rather than building new. This lends to owning a property with character and curb appeal.

Never watched a house flipping show? You’re in the minority. Top shows include Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop and Property Brothers which all air on HGTV, and First-Time Flippers which airs on DIY Network. These are just a few of the more popular; but just scan your cable channels and you’re bound to find one.

How Did These Shows Come About?

To us, it seems like these shows came out of the woodwork – literally. Perhaps the first popular home renovation show was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Truly you could go back as far as This Old House starring Bob Vila, which began airing on PBS in 1979.

This Old House featured various projects rather than today’s monstrous undertakings, and while the show is still on the air, it was Extreme Makeover that brought that exciting promise of what we could get from flipping an outdated yet affordable home.

But the show that really helped bring attention to the house flipping trend was Flip this House, which aired for the first time just after the financial crisis, likely due to the influx of properties on the market and low sales prices. That show aired on HGTV for 4 seasons and was the catalyst for many of the popular house flipping shows today.

Today’s Shows

If you haven’t seen the newer shows, you are missing out on true entertainment. You’ll enjoy the laughter and struggle of these teams and their projects. You may also feel compelled to start a project of your own. What most get out of it is the knowledge that it’s entirely possible to find and create your dream home on any budget.

They tackle everything, including:

  • Knocking out walls
  • Putting in new fixtures
  • Installing cabinets
  • Choosing decor

Most shows will also update outdoor areas and refurbish swimming pools, add landscaping, build porches and decks, update roofing and install siding.

The result is awe-inspiring; and the best part is they include the list price, purchase price, and renovation costs to show you just how you can make out like the couples on the show when it comes to your real estate projects.

It also makes the notion of renovation much less scary, especially for couples and individuals that have never lifted a hammer before. They show all the hang ups too, like discovering bad wiring or faulty plumbing, even mold. Watch just one episode and you’ll see why smart and savvy home buyers are watching – they’re making plans!