How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

Many once dark and dangerous urban New York neighborhoods are now being transformed into modern, walk able neighborhoods with tons of greenspace and high-quality apartment homes. It’s the result of innovative urban real estate development. These changes are improving the quality of life for many New Yorkers and drawing suburbanites back to the city. The changes are bringing many New York neighborhoods back to life.

Many neighborhoods now have beautiful mixed-use properties within walking distance of public transportation. Some places people were afraid to visit are now prime destinations with cozy, modern apartments, quaint restaurants, clubs and high-end boutiques. It’s no longer rare to see families shopping, having fun or simply strolling through these neighborhoods. This new round of urban development is making New York a better place to live and do business and attracting celebrities like George and Amal Clooney, Joe Sitt and Thor Equities and Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

These days formerly dreary dangerous neighborhoods now feature bustling streetscapes and a hubbub of activity. Instead of gangs, addicts and abandoned buildings there are now suit-and tie professionals, parents pushing prams, millennials noshing in European-style sidewalk cafes and jovial crowds enjoying new neighborhood watering holes. This new urban lifestyle has dramatically altered the demographics in many New York neighborhoods and revitalized many parts of the city that have looked like war zones for decades.

The changes being made to the housing stock throughout the city is leading many young people to eschew the dream of a home in the suburbs for the exciting new urban lifestyle redevelopment has spawned. These days walking or riding a bicycle to work is now the fantasy or many young professionals in New York. It’s a seismic shift that doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. The only concern is all this redevelopment is making it near-impossible for some New Yorkers to afford to live in their old neighborhoods.

While the skyrocketing rents are forcing some people out, the new walkable, greenspace-filled redeveloped neighborhoods are a magnet for many people. People have long loved New York, but parts of the city had become old, rundown and unsightly. The challenge to forward-thinking developers like Foster + Partners, Sorgente Group of America, Drake Design Associates, L&M Development Partners and others is to maintain New York’s diverse, colorful, ethnic enclaves while ushering in prosperity with gorgeous modern buildings and unique shops, restaurants and cafes in historic communities.