IGY is Giving Back in a Big (and Fun) Way

Island Global Yachting (known as IGY), is now changing the meaning of its abbreviated name for a great cause. Usually, these type of name changes come with the merger of companies, but in this case IGY simply wants to give back. For an entire 48-hour period next year, IGY will represent the phrase, “Inspire Giving through You.” This is a powerful initiative that will focus on community service. They are encouraging everyone involved in yachting to participate. The events will be held at a variety of locations held by IGY marinas.

Those who are being encouraged to sign up and participate include mega yacht owners, crew, captains, and more. The specific dates will be February 20 and June 11. For the February events, the location will be throughout marinas in the Caribbean and Latin America. Included among the venues are Yacht Haven Grande which is in St. Thomas, and Marina Cabo in Mexico.

In June, New York, New Jersey, and the Bahamas will play host to the events. North Cove Marina (NY) and Resorts World Bimini (Bahamas’s) are among the marinas. On June 11, Charleston, South Carolina will be vibrant with activity near the organization’s headquarters, as well as in Fort Lauderdale and New York City.

Mega yacht owners, captains, crew, and more are being encouraged to sign up for at least one of the two days. Those days are February 20 and June 11. The February community-service events will take place near eight IGY Marinas’ Caribbean and Latin American marinas. These include Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas and Marina Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. The June events will take place near its four New York, New Jersey, and Bahamian properties. These include North Cove Marina in New York City and the Marina at Resorts World Bimini in the Bahamas. June 11 will additionally see IGY Marinas and volunteers undertaking projects near the company’s corporate offices in Charleston, South Carolina, Fort Lauderdale, and New York City.

For each date, Inspire Giving is partnering with non-profits. Projects that are being performed to improve the community include taking care of elders, restoring playgrounds, adopting animals, and more. IGY employees will also participate to help out.

The CEO of IGY, Tom Mukamal, wants people to enjoy the 11th anniversary of IGY with this community service focus. He looks forward to boaters and owners enjoying local cultures and cuisines while giving back. They plan to do similar events in the future.