Looking for Home Improvement Tips?

Four Shows to Watch this Summer to Transform Your Home Before Your Eyes! 


1) Fix This Yard

Fix This Yard is a series started in 2010, which is hosted by Alan Luxmore and Amy Devers. Hosts Luxmore and Devers fix up the front yard of a home in one weekend. In addition to fixing the front yard, they also teach the homeowners how to maintain their yards. Definitely watch this show if you are afraid you might be confronted by your neighbors about how your front yard looks!

2) Flip This House

Flip This House is a series started in 2005, which airs on both A&E and the Bio network. Flip This House shows you how to buy a house, renovate it, and then sell it, also known as “flipping” the property. The first season started out with a team in only one state, but by the fifth season there were teams in five different states. In season three, a New Haven team is introduced; three of the team members are partners of a popular real estate education company FortuneBuilders. Flip This House is the perfect show if you want insight on how a unique niche of the real estate business works!


1) Color Splash

Color Splash is a series hosted by David Bomstad and his team, which is based out of Miami. Bomstad and his team transform dull rooms into vivacious spaces. Bomstad uses color and texture to change the whole dynamic of a room. Color Splash inspires you to think outside of the box when choosing, which colors to paint with!

2) Kitchen Cousins

Kitchen Cousins is a series, which will give you pure kitchen envy. Kitchen Cousins is about a New Jersey family run construction company who transform kitchens. They renovate kitchens from average to amazing and solve all of your kitchen issues. Whether you are a chef or only know how to microwave frozen food, Kitchen Cousins lets you watch people receive their dream kitchens!