The Driving Force behind a Booming Miami Development

Buena Vista Miami, Florida is a popular destination by tourist and famous people alike. It is no wonder because there are many things to do in Buena Vista. There are a plethora of restaurants and night clubs in this quaint historic neighborhood. This is one of the reason tourists find this destination as one of their top picks in Florida.

Celebrities Are Often Seen in Buena Vista

It is common to spot celebrities in Buena Vista, Miami, Florida too. Big names have been spotted here such as: George Clooney, Donald Trump, Beyoncé Carol Burnett, Dany DeVito, Billy Joel, Charlie Sheen, George Lucas, Sylvester Stallone, Cameron Diaz, Craig Robins, and Jay-Z. Celebrities have been seen in this charming neighborhood area relaxing or enjoying night life. Some of the businesses celebrities can be found include: The Cypress Tavern, Harry’s Pizzeria, Lemoni Café, Adamar Fine Art, Maman Fine Art, Opera Gallery and Swanpspace.

There are a Variety of Entertainment Venues in Buena Vista

Dining theatres that offer a show and delicious food in one place are also popular in Buena Vista. Golf resorts are another attraction in this area. Art displays can be found throughout this community. There is also great shopping in this district. There are plenty of attractions for men, women, children and adults.

Buena Vista has a Historic District

Buena Vista dates back to the early 1920’s. Many old Victorian homes can be found in Buena Vista. This is part of the charm of this area. Modern apartments are also available for people who like a more modern design. New housing is in demand due to the growth of Buena Vista over the years.

Shopping is a Popular Activity in Buena Vista

Clothing and decorating stores offer great shopping opportunities in Buena Vista. Artists also offer unique pieces to decorate homes and offices. Friendly shop owners make tourists, celebrities and locals all feel welcomed. There is no need to go very far from Buena Vista for your shopping needs.

There are many activities to do in Buena Vista. You are welcomed there regardless if you are a tourist or famous celebrity. Common attractions include dining, theatre, art exhibits, shopping, golfing, night clubs and more.