Where Do The Celebrities Go For Entertainment In Miami

Miami is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in America, and it has grown into a modern/art deco destination that calls celebrities to its shores every day. There are quite a few places in Miami where celebrities roam, and they are often found posting to social media about their exploits. This article is a brief look at who loves Miami, why and where they go.

#1: Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh is likely to biggest of all residents of the city in the modern day. He signed with the Miami Heat to join LeBron James, and he signed a massive contract extension to remain in the city. He and his wife do quite a lot of charity work like Craig Robins in the city, and they are often found at posh restaurants and nightclubs enjoying their life in the city. There are other notable residents of the city who are include athletes and actors such as Bella Thorne, and each enjoys the consistent sunshine of the city.

#2: Where Do Celebrities Go?

Orlando Bloom has attended a movie premiere at the shopping center in the Design District, and celebrities often shop in the mall because it was made for their shopping exploits. The citizens of the city turn out every day to enjoy the town in similar fashion, and they often walk among celebrities without noticing.

Nightclubs and restaurants are popular destinations as the city comes alive at night. The portrayal of the city in shows such as Burn Notice gives quite a lot of credence to the city’s nightlife. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Upton have been spotted in the city, and professional football players on a bye week are often caught in the city having dinner and drinks.

#3: South Beach

The art deco hotels and modern resorts are all located on South Beach where the parties happen every night. The beaches and hotels in the area are as sophisticated as they can be, and the beaches are beautifully-maintained. There are quite a few celebrities hiding in resorts around South Beach, and they are often spotted by the tabloids as they try to work out or relax. The city is rife with stars, and each one makes their way to the beach at some point.

Everyone in Miami comes for the sunshine, and they stay for the active lifestyle. Celebrities shop, eat and dance in the city every night after they leave the beaches.